Ramzia Jawara, Covid-19, Video, HD 1080p, 4 minutes 46 seconds.
Words by Ramzia Jawara
December 16, 2020

A short film capturing the overload of information and psychological distress during the coronavirus pandemic, with a narrower emphasis of propaganda covering race and class.
About The Artist
"My artistic production is an intuitive and emotional  response to my surroundings and worldly affairs. With a background in performance I see the studio as a ground to play and connect with the subject by bringing out qualities in a way that tells the story, with emphasis on visual dynamics.  A lot of the work I create is composed of personal experiences around identity and observances surrounding current affairs over race, gender, and sexuality. I hope my work can be an incentive to  provoke thought and make statements about the underlying issues in modern culture."
- Ramzia Jawara