A Pot-Pourri of Email Openers
Words by Gunjan Nanda
April 15, 2020​​​​​​​
In a time when things aren't in their ordinary state, our emails paint us a different picture. We see the people and our surroundings inclining a little more towards negativity than positive feelings due to the whole pandemic and its severe consequences on different countries. Since we're home and some of us possess a little extra time on our hands, email marketing tends to get smarter and even more strategic by the day. Ever seen your emailers during this time and wondered how they imbibe positivity through their content and visuals? They do more than that, they give you an alternate reality. A world we would like to live in, especially given the situation. This piece of poetry pays keen attention to a couple of emailers I've received in the past few weeks, also paying close attention to the fact we're away from our loved ones and peers, and how polite physical distancing is the best way forward.