April 2020
One of the points my work focuses is the constant reinterpretation of the images and of their meanings. The artworks do not have a unique, unambiguous and forced meaning but have a main significance to which other meaning, that may or may not belong to the main theme, lead. 
The following artworks stress some social behaviours that create material and immaterial barriers and boundaries between people. Barriers that upset our social system with repercussions on the places (natural and artificial) that surround us.

Federico Alcaro
Second Contact
40 cm x 40 cm
Print on Paper
April 3, 2020

This drawing is inspired by the condition of isolation that the coronavirus has forced us to assume as a daily routine, the image shows the return to normality but with the minds upset and afraid of human contact, so much to barricade themselves with airtight suits that do not allow to recognize friends from strangers. This leads to the consequent disparity between rich and poor that freezes the rich in plastic suits and confines the poor in the open-air world. 

Federico Alcaro, Second Contact, print on paper, 40 x 40cm. April 3, 2020.

Federico Alcaro
Common isolation
40 cm x 40 cm
Print on Paper
April 17, 2020

This drawing is inspired by the condition of isolation that the coronavirus has forced us to assume as a daily routine. We are all in a prison without bars, closed in our domestic societies, at a safe distance but close in common isolation. We feel inside bubbles as formed by the same soap that we compulsively use to disinfect our hands. We desire freedom and we desire each other. 

Federico Alcaro, Common Isolation, print on paper, 40 x 40cm. April 17, 2020.

About The Artist
"I am an architect based artist. During my practice as an architect I approached from the first moments the graphic representation of phenomena of modern society. 
The process that I follow starts from a current issue which, in my opinion, requires attention to improve our life (and the environment) and the life of future generations.  
Through the Digital Collage of 19th century illustrations and contemporary photos the final images are always quite critical and provocative in the form of dystopias with an architectural connotation full of symbols and icons. Moreover, the use of contemporary elements to break the rhythm of the illustrations makes the image more contextualized to the present day so as to mark the actuality of the themes expressed. "
- Federico Alcaro