Daria Edström, Life Mask 1, Ice, thread. May 2020

Daria Edström, Life Mask 2, Metal wire. December 2020

Life Mask
Words by Daria Edström
January 14, 2021
Life Mask 1 was created when pandemic took over the whole world. I was bearing in mind my family and that mask can give them some assurance and feeling of protection. Ice is transparent, virus is invisible for human eye. Red thread is a reminder of everyone affected by the invisible enemy. Life Mask 2 is a response to the current situation when there are so many debates regarding mask’s efficiency. I myself believe that it is crucial to give a chance to every tool that can help protect us. The mask was knitted with the metal wire and metal knitting needles which gives textile effect. So, do you feel protected in mask?
About The Artist
"In my practice I am transforming feelings into jewelry art objects. Jewelry is a provider to inner world of its wearer. In my mask project I am challenging myself by using non-traditional materials and techniques. By presenting these works I would like to show that jewelry art is an extremely broad field."