Na Tragu Slobode (On The Trail Of The Liberty)
November, 2020
On The Trail Of The Liberty is a video work I have created during the year 2020, after I composed the sound. The composition was made after the first COVID lockdown and was my response to restrictions that made me feel complete loss of my freedom to that point in time. The only way I knew how to present that feeling at that point was through sound, which I later complemented with video work during the autumn, when restrictions became a common thing. This video represents my way to comprehend a question of freedom, to accept the new normality brought upon us with the new way of reality which has, in my opinion, changed a lot since the beginning of the pandemic.

Aleksandra Mitrović, Na Tragu Slobode (On The Trail Of The Liberty). Total length: 10 minutes 45 seconds. Date of Completion: November 2020. Compositor, director and editor: Aleksandra Mitrović. Director of photoraphy: Irena Canic. 
About The Artist
Aleksandra Mitrovic (born in 1997) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Belgrade, Serbia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Department of Digital Arts in the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade. Her artistic practice incorporates a variety of media and techniques through which she engages in activist observation of the world surrounding her. She has developed numerous compositions, always utilizing elements connected to both the material, analog world, and the virtual, digital reality.