Gunjan Ladda Yogi, Chhod ae Hum vo Galiyaan, Ink on paper, 10x10 inches(each) 65 sheets, 2021.

Old Memories Triggered by Lockdown
February 22, 2022
COVID-19 pandemic shocked the world. It made human society to re-evaluate about human's existential significance in nature. Many things turned wrong but still some hope and positive things came in light.
During lockdown people were compelled to leave their places of work and confined inside their homes. But this relocation and isolation made them to refresh their long forgotten memories of past, good times and natural life style.
My artwork expresses those memories which almost every person had lived joyfully in their past and are no longer in trend now. I have made most popular things associated to the past of common people, for example - village life, cot under tree shade, cooking food on earthen stove and pots, mud houses and basic games of childhood, etc. I feel that these memories of old times with less technology and simple life made people to smile and give hope to fight back the pandemic.

Gunjan Ladda Yogi, Ghar- Aangan- 3, Ink on paper, 2021.

Gunjan Ladda Yogi, Ghar Aangan - 5, Pen & Ink on paper, 2020.