Leonardo Montenegro Bellott, Pandemia, oil on canvas, 150 x 100 cm, 2021.

In this piece I started using a red in the background, to give the painting an initial warmth, but this red is one going to a cold tone. Over this background red, I painted a traditional family portrait. Until this point It's a representation of a traditional family, with its own internal conflicts, harmonies, and disharmonies... Over this family relapses abruptly the Covid19 virus, bringing with it desperation, fear, solitude, death, darkness, sorrow, and so on. I represented this with a large mass of blacks covering up the family almost entirely. The blacks have reliefs in a form of waves to give this impression of this threat that was in a constant movement and mutation, that it was capable of cruising the entire sea, reaching out to almost every part of the globe. Despite this cruel virus, the family remains together, and with the black mass covering them they seem even more close, more united.

Leonardo Montenegro Bellott, Pandemia (details), oil on canvas, 2021.