Pandemic, The Transformation
Words by Lilia Luján
December 29, 2020
The Pandemic, The Transformation series is a collection of 26 Covid-19 themed works created by the visual artist, Lilia Luján.
It was born from the intention of generating a visual record of how human beings are living the confinement around the world. It is about various corners, places of confinement that offer people a temporary escape route during confinement. It is also a great recognition to the health personnel, vital in this critical situation.
The proposal intends to incite a root social change, shake consciences, reflect, reconnect and evaluate what is truly important. It is a testimony that explores through visual codes, intimacies, energies, feelings and emotions. There is also space for silhouettes, shades, textures, colors and signs that emphasize the poetic and spiritual charge of the images. Suddenly we are naked, we have discovered what we are really made of. We are all the same, souls in search, beings in the process of evolution, the rest is smoke.
Art is finally a universal language that provides feedback, strengthens the spirit and moves essential fibers of being, invites us to reflect on our identity and our existence; in addition, in a cathartic exercise, she questions us, confronts us, and makes us become more aware; what in the global context does us all good.
Lilia Luján. Pandemic, The Transformation (selection from series). Mixed Digital Art-Paper. Dimensions Vary. 2020.
About The Artist
Self-taught and multidisciplinary Mexican artist, active in the plastic arts since 1995. She has explored and experimented with an infinity of techniques, materials and supports, specializing essentially in painting, alternative sculpture, murals, thematic series of committed art, graphics and illustration. In addition to giving workshops and collaborating in various social projects with vulnerable groups.