Mask Designs
Words by Polat Canpolat

My artworks are political, social, cultural etc. takes a critical approach to issues. These works, which are basically characters of a dystopian world, try to signal how the issues we avoid facing today will drag us into an apocalypse in the future. While doing this, I use the mask, one of the basic forms of confrontation and human concreteness. Although it seems that different themes and styles are used in these masks, which we can consider as wearable art objects, their basic concepts and frameworks enable them to be included in a series. The main purpose of masks since their existence is that they are tools for telling, understanding and telling the truth. Simply put, the productions' starting point is this words by Oscar Wild's , "The man is at least himself when he talks to his person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth."

Polat Canpolat, Covid 666: Papier-mache mask, 35x55x50cm, 2020.

Polat Canpolat, Fresh Air: Papier-mache mask, 35x60x50cm, 2020.

Doctor Pandemic: Silicon mask - 70x60x35cm