Solitude 2020
Words by Ningxia Zhang
August 5, 2020
During the lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us live through long periods of solitude and isolation in an enclosed space. As we go about out daily lives that have become highly repetitive, time passes and the indoor scenery remains. We’ve become our own most intimate companion of all time. Physically cut off from the outside world, the Internet has become the last refuge for our social existence. More often than not, it’s unsure if it ends up filling us up or emptying us out. Solitude 2020 is a series of paintings and collages that attempt to portrait and document this unusual state of existence during this unusual time.
Ningxia Zhang, No. 3, Digital Paint, 24" x 16", August 5, 2020
Ningxia Zhang, No. 2, Digital Collage, 4000px x 3000px, August 5, 2020