Toss Pan Dance 甩锅舞
Exercise with Attitude during Quarantine
Toss Pan Dance 甩锅舞
Text by Jiabao Li
March 31, 2020

To inform, criticize, and warn, I made this Toss Pan Dance.   
With the COVID-19 outbreak, many sociopolitical issues are becoming even more apparent. One of them is the dodging of responsibilities and shifting blames of government officials. It reflects the problem of our current sociopolitical mechanism and has been one of the causes of this pandemic’s widespread. The action of dodging responsibilities is called “甩锅” in Chinese idiom, which literally means “tossing a pan”.   
This whole toss pan comedy has been played between central government and local government, in China, US, and many more. 
Since we are in social distancing and self-quarantine at the moment, Toss Pan Dance is also a very good exercise. You can easily do it at home without a gym. The equipment is right in the palm of your hand!
This dance went viral on Chinese internet.
Huang Hung, “the Oprah of China”, used this dance to explain “Toss Pan“ in her TED Talk on "how American and Chinese values shaped the coronavirus response”. Check it out at 10:00.
Language explained here.  中文诠释  SupChina
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