Words by Tancredi Cocchi
June 6, 2020
In this specific series of videos I deal with the issue of time and isolation. This isolation could be either self-imposed due to depressive symptoms or, as it has happened recently, enforced due to circumstances beyond our control (the recent pandemic). In this age of ubiquitous digital stimuli, we find often ourselves distanced from the real world and wrapped in busy work that is ultimately eating away time from our lives.
Tancredi Cocchi, Untitled #19, Full HD color video, 6 minutes 20 seconds. June 6, 2020. Untitled #19 is part of the video series Untitled by Tancredi Cocchi.

About The Artist
"My work explores how we see the world and how this shapes our human experience. I focus on visual perception and how it will evolve in the future. Through different media, I wish to reflect on the nature of perception and its effect on humanity."
- Tancredi Cocchi