Safa Attyaoui, USURES (WEAR), video animation, 12 minutes 54 seconds.  June 23, 2020.

Words by Safa Attyaoui
June 23, 2020
Usures (Wear) is an animation that documents the uncertainties and turmoil that occurred during the period of voluntary confinement that began on March 14. Under the influence of frustration and fear of the unknown, the subject is now faced with himself and confronted with his own thoughts that wear him down and exhaust him slowly and repeatedly. This perpetual inner struggle and emotional degradation is visible in the form of an animated reading of a confinement diary.
About The Artist
Born in 1990, Safa Attyaoui lives and works in Tunis. A multidisciplinary artist, she moves from drawing lines to sewing thread and from collage to video while creating a subtle link between her transitions. Attentive to material encounters, she explores textures and recovers objects that she then reintegrates into her work, creating a particular atmosphere where the history of the materials is linked to her personal history. Safa Attyaoui thus draws from her experiences the object of her creations in order to question the relationships that link man to his environment.