Nađa Kračunović, Yellow Flower Shelter, two-channel video, 0' 50''.

Yellow Flower Shelter
November 2020
Within the COVID-19 crises, we cope both with the boundaries of immaterial and material closed spaces.
Our outside must dance with our inside. Our outer must hold out inner.

We all need our shelters, to get far away from the crises.
No dialogue with walls
Serbia, homeland

Sometimes there is a conflict with the walls. They do not want to collaborate... They do not want to be yours. I was forced to move out of the space (my palace) I lived in, the space I loved the most in Belgrade – my home. I gave a chance to the new apartment where my mother and I started our new life. For more than 10 days I felt hopeless trying to find the corner in the flat where I can feel comfortable. That was not my dwelling. My clothes and all the other things are still in the boxes. I can not live here. But in 10 days, I will move again to another country. Let my mother talk with these walls if I cant. ​​​​​​​
22m2 of home, far away from home
Germany, new home

’’Please, invade me!’’ the walls in a new room said. 
Personal space is the most important space and that no matter what size it is, its existence is a must. Moreover, our own body is the space that holds our minds and soul. Invading a space means bringing all that your soul needs to make it yours. 
To ennoble a space, people usually bring their favorite objects, pictures, and memories. That is how they fight with inner crises. These symbols can make any place home once we realize that our body is the only private space we are going to have forever and, that is a gift. As a present needs a suitable package, our body needs space to breathe in when it gets tired. The place where it can embody its emotions and free the mind. I brought my dance and a song that makes me feel safe. 
My body will be my home forever and that is how I will survive. 
The name of the song is ’’Cvetak zuti’’ (eng. Yellow flower), the one I used to sing to my friends, my partner, mother, and myself when I needed to. While I was camping in the middle of the forest, in the storm and the dark, I was singing about the yellow flower on a meadow and the tent became my fortress. Every time I remember how beautiful it was to sing it for them. Now, I am scared, but I gave an outer space for my inner being.
About The Artist
"Through art, I aim to explore my positions in various contexts. My work deals primarily with the relationship between private (intimate) and public. With no boundaries in mediums, I make use of anything that fits with the particular stimulation (word, object, movement, sound, and visual). While intertwining a few fields, I treat public space as a theater scene. "
Nađa Kračunović